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What we do

A Partner To Excel With

To bring your business to the next level, you need a capable partner — One who understands your vision and is able to deliver custom tailored solutions to your problems. Only an experienced and innovative partner can work side by side with you to bring your company to the next level of performance.
Strape Consulting is that partner — a team of business consultants who understand how technology can transform every part of your company. We optimise technological and communication processes so that you and your team can focus more on your core business and stay ahead of the competition.



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We have skills

We're a technology consultants born out of a passion to make great things real. We help companies from CEE to deliver projects on time and budget while meeting all the requirements.

Electronic Payments

Online, mobile, credit card implementation, audits we got it all.

Technology Projects

Evolve your technology platform as an essential base of the business.

Sports and Gaming

Is fun for clients and tough business. We’ll do the hard work.

Security Solutions

They want what you have. Don’t give it to them. Be secure.


Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet

- Henry Mintzberg -

We will make your management team more effective

  • project coordination
  • task management
  • delivery focus
  • outsourcing and insourcing
  • operations and support
  • deadlines management

Project management as the main importance discipline of planning, organising, motivating and controlling resources is a key to success in any project, company or enterprise corporation. We would like to help you with evaluation of current project management processes implemented within your company, making analysis of current state, advising improvements and changes, both process and resource oriented. Our analysis will provide you with possible scenarios and next steps, with goal oriented focus and reflecting your strategy.


This is what we need!

When the solution is simple, God is answering.

- Albert Einstein -

We will evolve your technology

  • solution architecture
  • refactoring and optimisation
  • loose weight & gain speed
  • evaluate platforms
  • new concepts design
  • technology gurus

Technology is the key to business success. It is the way to future. It enables us to learn faster. Understand better. Technology is the base for everything.IT has to work properly, so you don’t even notice IT.Basic technology providing the very basic automation for simple tasks and productivity management has changed into very all over ecosystem within your business.

Let us help you to improve IT, make it invisible, thus most effective component of your business. We are ahead of the technology curve and we will help you to push your business towards technological and business singularity.

Let’s evolve your platform!

The importance of money flows from it being a link between the present and the future.

- John Maynard Keynes -

We are the best partner for you in eMoney industry.

  • payment institution providers
  • electronic money institutions
  • licensing and certification
  • transaction systems
  • bitcoins and alternatives
  • security, AML, KYC

Money is online now. eMoney business is currently one of the fastest developing financial areas. Staying ahead of competitors is not easy nor simple.

We will help you to be progressive and competitive so you can provide newest payment options, superb functionality and great value for your clients.

Our service covers EU and worldwide legal and financial aspects of eMoney and financial providers in online or semi-online area, relevant technology including security workflows and process architecture up to crypto currency and brokering.

Yes I need this!

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

- Warren Buffett -

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